The Quiz

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  Often Sometimes Seldom
When thinking about where to go on a date, you and your partner have an open discussion and easily agree on a plan.
How often does your partner use promises to persuade you?
How often does your partner change mutually agreed upon plans without talking to you first?
How often does your partner withdraw and seem angry or unhappy when something good happens to you (like a promotion at work)?
How often does your partner act resentful or jealous or envious or angry when you spend time with others, including family members?
How often is your partner able to live within your financial budget?
  Often Sometimes Seldom
Your partner is able to apologize sincerely, appropriately, and in a timely way.
When your partner does something bad (like wrecking the car) he/she is able to take appropriate personal responsibility for their actions which led to the problem.
When discussing previous events or conversations or arguments, your partner is able to remember and recount accurately who said what and what went on.
Your partner has wide swings in emotion with little warning.
When with others, your partner makes jokes at your expense which you feel are embarrassing and not funny.
Your partner uses criticism, ridicule or sarcasm and tries to pass them off as “teasing.”
Your partner uses alcohol appropriately, rarely, if ever, becoming drunk.