Welcome! This site provides you with tools and information that can help you make great relationship decisions – whether you’re working on a current relationship or entering into something new. In addition to the two books we have available, we also have an easy quiz that helps determine the overall health of your relationship, recommended reading for specific relationship problem areas, and links to books that provide information on particularly troublesome personalities in romantic relationships.

Much of this information is well known to therapists and counselors, and it is now available to you through this site for application by you to your life. Knowledge is power, and this site aims to empower men and women in making great decisions about long-term relationship partners.

The Books

Are you having trouble in your dating relationships? Are you feeling not listened to, valued or cared about? Are there elements of verbal or emotional abuse floating around? Is everything always about your partner?

Wouldn’t it be nice to find out early on in the relationship whether it’s a relationship you want to invest in or not? You can. With this quick guide assessment you can find out if your partner is likely to be a person who is “unable to love.”

These quick guides will:

  • Pinpoint specific behaviors and traits of men and women who cannot love.
  • Help you to rate them on a numerical scale.
  • Tell you what your answers most likely mean.
  • Help you to rapidly identify the types of men or women you don’t want to waste your time on.
  • Guide you to find the ones that are worth your time and attention.

With Men Who Can’t Love and Women Who Can’t Love you will have an assessment tool that can help you to find a better relationship by avoiding a bad one. Relationships are tough enough without the added stress of trying to build one with a person who is “unable to love.”

Men Who Can’t Love

A Woman’s Guide to the Early Warning Signs of Male Narcissism (Quick Guide to Narcissism Book 1)

Women Who Can’t Love

A Man’s Guide to the Early Warning Signs of Female Narcissism (Quick Guide to Narcissism Book 2)

The Quiz

Learn more about your relationship through this short quiz.

This quiz was designed to help you rate the overall health of your current relationship. Please consider each question carefully and answer thoughtfully and as accurately as possible. It’s good to know where your relationship stands on a scale of functionality. After taking the quiz, you’ll see a list of recommended books selected to help you make improvements based on the the health of your current relationship.

Sherry Chenell

About the Author

Sherry Chenell lives on a farm in Oregon. She has two Master’s decrees in Nursing, an MBA and a Master’s in Psychology. She has been a practicing therapist for 30-years, counseling both individuals and couples.

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